Hi, I’m Tara…

I'm a whore revolutionary and a wilderbabe. I'm pretty much in love with this little river I live on and myself and if you stick around you'll read (and see) all about it.

there’s gaping holes in outer space

beaver trail

someone beautiful sent me this moment that lives forever on paper

someday […]

Oh hi, blog

I made a resolution, about a month ago, that I would blog here at least once a week. You can see how well that’s worked out so far. What I’m going to do here is set the bar really low and just post something in the next fifteen minutes before they close this place and […]

I wrote another book and it’s free today.

About a year ago, or maybe it was two years ago, a new book came out that I was so excited about. I thought it was going to be a manual for navigating healthy loving relationships in a totally fucked up culture where we’re mostly all a little fucked up ourselves. Navigating such […]

The Next Big Thing

Have you ever stayed up all night reading all of the stories a person has ever written on the Internet, simultaneously thinking how amazing they are and how creepy it would be if you emailed them? That was me a few years ago with Jodi Sh Doff’s Dirty Girl Diaries. Then she wrote more things. […]

Some Book Reviews

Since I published a book I decided to read a bunch of similar books. Probably I was supposed to do that before writing the book, but I also hear it’s dishonest to think too much before you write. So I waited, and these are some of the books I’ve read (I decided to not review […]

Whore Manifestos! Calling All Whores!

This whole ebook publishing thing has been really fun, and even a little profitable. I’m definitely going to do it again and again. But first I want to do it with you.

Here’s the thing. I thought I wrote a book of good stories about escorting, but what people read was How It Is To […]

How Sex Work Didn’t Prepare Me For Corporate Schmoozing

I reach for my boobs the way I always do when it’s time to close the sale or move the fuck on, but my sweater reminds me this isn’t a strip club.

“Mmmhmm,” I nod. Keep looking interested, self.

Behind him are hundreds of other men, all in black suits, and a few dozen women […]

Whore Diaries, the Sequel to Hobo Stripper

Guess what I did???????

Yep, I wrote a book. It’s short (30 computer pages, 80 kindle pages?) and it’s awesome.

I thought maybe you would like to hear about how I became an escort, traveled to another country, worked in a crazy collective slash agency, and indulged foot fetishists and tantric worshipers. It’s all […]

People Who Live In Sky Castles

Today I’ve been sad thinking about how wonderful my life is and how easily the wrong person stumbling upon the wrong thing on the internet could bring it all tumbling down, even though I’ve built a hell of a foundation on this sky castle People around here mostly fear women’s sexuality and it is scary […]

The making of ecoporn…

I was inspired. First thing in the morning after feeding the fire I dragged the generator inside to thaw. It takes a while, because it’s been very frozen for a long time. After a couple hours I drug it out and tried starting it, but the pull start wouldn’t turn, so I drug it back […]