Hi, I’m Tara…

I'm a whore revolutionary and a wilderbabe. I'm pretty much in love with this little river I live on and myself and if you stick around you'll read (and see) all about it.

Who am I?

It’s been a few years, Internet.

I’ve been chopping wood, hauling water, cutting fish, and manifesting money with my body and spirit. I’m a little different than I used to be – older might sum it up. For the last three years I’ve been blogging secretly for paying subscribers and I really liked that. By […]


Hi everybody! Thanks for all your comments on my last post! I’m going to write a whole thing about that. In the meantime, here’s something I wrote about empowerment.

There’s been a lot of interesting talk about the internet lately about empowerment. Someone smart said somewhere (?) that it doesn’t really matter if sex workers […]

Drying Laundry

I have a metal ridged plunger type thing for doing laundry on the wood stove. The problem is that the water is dirty. I live on a shallow muddy river and the river it flows into is full of silt from melting glaciers. No mater how many layers of cloth I filter it through, clothes […]

Pretty Window Ice

Early Retirement for Sex Workers

I don’t want to “graduate” from sex work into another job. I don’t want to put myself through school with stripping so that I can live in the “real world.” I tried that and it was stupid. I want to accumulate money and reduce expenses until working is optional and unnecessary. Which is how work […]

Life is Amazing!

There has been a miracle of life this holiday season in my little cabin cave in the snowy woods!

When it first got cold I was stuck in town on the wrong side of the unfrozen river. Usually it only takes a couple weeks for the river to freeze, but this year was strangely warm […]

Who Are You?

Remember when I used to do these Who Are You posts on Hobo Stripper?

There are a lot less people reading here so far, but I want to know the same things, because I’m a little confused about what direction this site is going. So if you’re reading, pretty please answer in the comments:

How […]

Occupy Wall Street: My Opinion

They say opinions are like assholes: everyone has one and if they don’t they’re full of shit. Shit’s supposed to be sacred, but I’d rather get it out and share my opinion with the whole wide internet. So.

I’ve been having two kinds of conversations about Occupy Wall Street: those with people who have been […]


I’m not home, but I can imagine it. The geography has come to live inside me, a little.

My favorite place to watch the water fall and freeze this time of year is at the mouth of the muddy little river I live on. A few weeks ago it was wide and full, like this:


Financial Coercion and How to Save Whores

I wrote this handy dandy financial coercion quiz for Tits and Sass, which is an awesome blog with daily sex worker commentary on the media affecting us. Originally I thought I could make a flow chart or a line graph but, well, it’s complicated. Go see it! What’s your score? Post it in the […]