Hi, I’m Tara…

I'm a whore revolutionary and a wilderbabe. I'm pretty much in love with this little river I live on and myself and if you stick around you'll read (and see) all about it.

The making of ecoporn…

I was inspired. First thing in the morning after feeding the fire I dragged the generator inside to thaw. It takes a while, because it’s been very frozen for a long time. After a couple hours I drug it out and tried starting it, but the pull start wouldn’t turn, so I drug it back […]

Who am I?

It’s been a few years, Internet.

I’ve been chopping wood, hauling water, cutting fish, and manifesting money with my body and spirit. I’m a little different than I used to be – older might sum it up. For the last three years I’ve been blogging secretly for paying subscribers and I really liked that. By […]


Hi everybody! Thanks for all your comments on my last post! I’m going to write a whole thing about that. In the meantime, here’s something I wrote about empowerment.

There’s been a lot of interesting talk about the internet lately about empowerment. Someone smart said somewhere (?) that it doesn’t really matter if sex workers […]