Hi, I’m Tara…

I'm a whore revolutionary and a wilderbabe. I'm pretty much in love with this little river I live on and myself and if you stick around you'll read (and see) all about it.

A Stripper’s Guide To The Modern American Boomtown

Remember that little club I used to go to in the winter? The one with baby goats and shy lesbians who couldn’t go buck tucking without company? Where I once spent a short night with an oil executive who’d done so much coke his dick might never work again and then had him pay me […]

American Courtesans and Sex Worker Narratives

The ivy league hooker, the smart dominatrix, the unlikely stripper… I’m so fucking tired of all these bitches who claim they aren’t like the rest of us. Sex work has always been used by women to get from bad situations (economic or otherwise) into better situations. Sex workers are people who are willing to risk […]

Desiree Alliance Awesomeness

For the last few days I’ve been in Vegas at the Desiree Alliance conference, and it was amazing. I feel like it will definitely change my activism and maybe my life.

The best part of Desiree, for me, was being surrounded by so many other sex workers. I know that I’m isolated in Alaska and […]