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Occupy Wall Street: My Opinion

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They say opinions are like assholes: everyone has one and if they don’t they’re full of shit. Shit’s supposed to be sacred, but I’d rather get it out and share my opinion with the whole wide internet. So.

I’ve been having two kinds of conversations about Occupy Wall Street: those with people who have been following on the internet and think sort of like me, and those with people who haven’t been following. If you’re thinking “wtf, why are you writing about revolution, I just want to see boobs,” keep reading! There are boobs at the end and I’m happy for you to see them if you hear me out.

If you haven’t been following, please take a moment to consider that what you’ve heard on the news is probably a big misrepresentation. Luckily, you can get news right from people on the ground, watch a live stream of the revolution, read individual accounts of what is going on and why, and check out this incredible tumblr that I think everyone should see. Or just read this.

When I talk to people who are dismissive or oblivious to what’s going on I’m shocked and I want to try to convince them that this is important. It’s big. People like me – and a lot of people not like me at all – are finally doing something big and trying very hard to make our voices – the voice of the 99% – heard. It is so exciting and I really want to go and be there right fucking now.

Do I think it will change anything meaningful? No, and that makes me feel really old and jaded and sad.

Let’s talk about globalization and capitalism and, of course, civilization. The current population of the earth, the United States, etc., is only sustainable if we continue to acquire a growing amount of finite resources that are running out. Without making wars for oil and drilling in important and delicate places like the Arctic Coastal Plain (by the way, sign this petition for me pretty please?) and mowing down the rain forest to grow cows pumped full of hormones and steroids with which to feed people and give them cancer, we would experience a rapid population drop. Here, I’ll rephrase: colonization and capitalism have allowed human populations to go crazy and most of us will die when they end.

The system that’s oppressing us, enslaving us with debt and shitty jobs or no jobs, repossessing our homes, poisoning our water and air, driving 35-200 species to extinction every day, and creating catastrophic climate change is also what’s keeping us alive. If we made it ethical it would collapse and most of us would die.

Here’s the more immediate thing, though: the 1% of Americans that own 42% of the wealth? They can use that wealth to buy cops. In fact JP Morgan Chase just donated 4.6 million dollars to the NYPD. Police will continue to arrest and use violence against non-violent protesters until they are eliminated. Non-violent protesters don’t do much to stop themselves from being wiped out and eventually the whole thing will peter out like all non-violent protests have.

Unless the 99% are inspired to fight back.

5 comments to Occupy Wall Street: My Opinion

  • That was a great read. As regards to world population growth, it is most directly related to the modernization of agriculture. Check out this graph of world population growth http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:World-Population-1800-2100.png
    Then read about the “Green” revolution (somewhat fallaciously named) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Revolution
    And, if anyone is interested in permaculture, I suggest finding a copy of the video “How Cuba Survived Peak Oil”

    • ecowhore

      Brian, yes, agriculture makes civilization (a network of cities large enough to require the importation of resources, ie unchecked population growth) possible, but there have been societies that had agriculture and did not become civilizations. Since you gave me some assigned reading I’ll give you some back 😉 Check out Endgame: The Problem of Civilization, by Derrick Jensen.

  • doe

    agreed, completely.

  • doe

    for a second I thought someone else advised you to read END GAME and that made me laugh out loud. Then I saw it was your comment. 🙂

  • A. W.

    A passionate post that is right on target. It has been instructive to see how the mainstream media has sought to discredit the Occupy movement. I’m not just talking about the obvious (Fox) but the less overtly right-wing mainstream and even NPR. So we’re all dealing with people who don’t understand what’s going on or, in the spirit of know-nothing bigotry, have even been suckered into hostility towards the first broad-based social movement we’ve seen in a long time. Thanks for the link to the Tumblr. All the best.

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