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I'm a whore revolutionary and a wilderbabe. I'm pretty much in love with this little river I live on and myself and if you stick around you'll read (and see) all about it.

Who Are You?

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Remember when I used to do these Who Are You posts on Hobo Stripper?

There are a lot less people reading here so far, but I want to know the same things, because I’m a little confused about what direction this site is going. So if you’re reading, pretty please answer in the comments:

How did you get here? Did you used to read Hobo Stripper?
Who are you?
Do you want to hear what I think about everything? Do you want to buy my porn? What do you want to see?


23 comments to Who Are You?

  • I used to read Hobo Stripper.

    No one of consequence. Honestly I’m still trying to figure it out.

    Sure; not especially; I have no idea. I started reading HS just before you stopped posting it, and I enjoyed it so much that I followed you here. I found it looking for stripper resources, but even though I’m out of the business, I enjoy reading other peoples’ adventures.

  • Danielle

    Hi. I used to read HoboStripper and subscribed to this blog in the hopes that you would share your thoughts and observations about life with the same beauty and honesty that you used to share on HS. I’m an herbalist and loved it when you would talk about herbs and the woods. While I’m not in the dancing/ sex work field, I have a lot of friends who are and I appreciated you sharing your experiences through a sex/body/woman positive lens. I also loved some of the conversations that would occur through the comments section on HS.

    I think I’ve been a little confused about what EcoWhore is about as well. I think I was hoping to hear about what you life is like now that you are not on the move. I’ve homesteaded in the past and was curious to hear about your experiences. I like the ways that your posts have stimulated me to think, I love the way that you describe people/ events/ experiences and the poetry of your words. I’m not really subscribed for your porn, though I’m happy to view it when you share it.

  • tornadogrrrl

    I used to read Hobo Stripper, no memory of how I started reading over there.
    I live in Portland. I’m a queer poly lady with a baby. I’ve dabbled in sexwork a few times, but it’s never been my job.
    I’m here to hear what you think about everything and enjoy your writing.

  • Candy

    I found you on your last blog Hobo Stripper and enjoyed following what you were doing, still do.

  • The RedDevil

    Oddly enough, I read Hobo Stripper for a long time but had no awareness of this site. I stumbled onto it just recently.

    I am 30, married, and stare at the internet to see what new things it has to show me.
    As for what I want to see, surprise me.

  • Kriston

    I also came from HoboStripper, following you here to watch your journey progress, and to enjoy the honesty of your experiences. 🙂 I’m not a sexworker but I’m still interested in what you have to say.

  • entelle

    I also followed along on Hobo Stripper, and was happy to support your move to Ecowhore. I like the photographs, and the tutorials on how to do stuff. I have related your story of how roadkill moose are taken care of up where you live, in an effort to get people to think usefully about what to do with life we accidentally snuff out.

    I like hearing about your successes, and I find your writing a source of strength when people around me don’t seem to support sex work. One day I would like to live remotely, live off the land. I file away your learning experiences, and would like to know more about that. You got a new wood stove that uses fuel far more efficiently? Could you share some details? That sort of thing.

  • Trilobyte

    I used to read Hobo Stripper because it was the only place I could read about stripping in not fancy places which was my experience many moons ago. I also liked all the life on the road stuff. I like reading about your life which is so very different from mine and would love more pictures.

  • Nyla

    I did used to read hobo stripper, before I became both a (part time) hobo and sex worker, and also after. You’re kind of living my dream, I think about finding refuge in a cabin somewhere and living off the grid quite a lot actually but feel like I need to sharpen my skills and save up some money before I make this new leap. Your stories are inspirational, its amazing to me to see a successful, unbelievably capable sex worker living in this way. Keep on writing, I will most definitely keep on reading!

  • Steve

    I ran into HS while searching for general self-sufficiency lifestyle stuff. The stripper angle got me curious enough to read everything else. I sell web-porn too, so I empathize in that dimension. Your whole lifestyle keeps me coming back to check in every so often to see how things play out.

    The only recommendation I’d give would be to leave out the politics and focus on what makes your content unique. The story of you, the sex-worker, adventurer, self-sufficiency and freedom girl is really fascinating to watch unfold.

  • SBW

    How did you get here?
    Yo commented on my blog
    Did you used to read Hobo Stripper?
    Who are you?
    Do you want to hear what I think about everything?
    Do you want to buy my porn?
    Is there a polite way to say no?
    What do you want to see?
    More of your posts about: Learning backwoods skills, the psychology of stripping, the observational stuff you’re so good at.
    Keep well

  • Petals

    I like reading your blogs because I’ve done the same type of work in the mid 70’s.
    After I stopped hustling, I also lived a rural, no electricity type of life. But in my case, I was a hermit.
    I love it that your blogs focus on happiness and health, and aren’t shame-drenched!
    There are probably a lot of women who are hookers, or who sleep around a lot, and who could benefit from reading what you write. It’s great for self acceptance.

  • Going through some old bookmarks, (I’ve had Hobo stripper there since about 2008) saw the post about your new blog and here I am!

    I am an avid fan of the stripper subculture and have been collecting information, both on and offline, for years in preparation for my own site.

    I enjoy reading your stripper stories and advice. I love your take on enjoying life, passive income and things of that nature.
    I’m not big on buying porn but I do feel like I’m gonna have to contribute to you in someway eventually to make sure you don’t disappear.

    I want to see you doing more of what you love and letting us have the occasional peek into it.

  • AnthonyA

    I’m found my way to HoboStripper quite some years ago, about half-way through its active lifespan.

    I enjoy reading about your life, and opinions, and contributing, in part because there are some points of convergence and many points of divergence in our lives. Comparing and contrasting those keeps your blog interesting for me. I live in a very rural northern area, while I do enjoy having electric mains for power, I have long been interested and working towards moving towards less dependence on the usual system.

    I hadn’t checked in in a while, only today checked some of my older, ‘semi-retired’ links, and found my way to ecowhore.

    The last purchase I made from you was one of the glossy photos you offered, some years back. Coincidentally, I came across it again about two months ago, during some sorting and housecleaning.

  • Jess

    I read all of hobo stripper a few years ago right before you stopped updating it. I don’t work in the sex industry, but I love hearing about how it makes you feel and what it’s like to work in it. Amusingly I’m not at all interested in seeing any of your porn. 🙂

    Your posts about living in the van, and just generally being outside are what kept bringing me back though. I spend a lot of energy on primitive skills, and it’s really neet to run across someone who knows as much as you, but isn’t in the standard backtracks gathering sene.

    May you find your path, and thanks for the many inspiring things you’ve already written.

  • Mel

    Hello, I love your writing. I was Googling stripper blogs, found hobo stripper and was redirected here. I am a stripper who has danced off and on in different areas of the us for twelve years now. Your way of thinking appeals to me, as I spent years in Alaska, and many people live in dry cabins out in the bush, although I never did.
    I am a gypsy at heart, but have been married ten years therefore I live the married lifestyle.. except that I’m a stripper.
    Anyhow, I love the blog and pictures.

  • Mohamed

    I am a 62 yrs old engineer from Egypt and have been fp;;pwing you interesting blog since I have been working overseas and now I am still doing that…. brave girl you are for sure …

  • CarlosO

    I am actually stationed in Afghanistan and found an old Maxim Magazine that was a “For the troops” edition at one of the battle positions on base. Hobostripper was #1 on the list for best stripper blogs. I decided to check it out and was bummed to find out you were finished with it.

  • tod

    im tod
    never read hobo stripper
    found your site through trixietracey’s site!

  • Tom

    I am a 48 year old roofer from New Jersey………The pause was so you could gather yourself and recover from that sexy first sentence. I enjoy the company of escorts when I am not in a relationship so I became interested in there perspective of things. Your books were suggested by Amazon after reading a similar memoir. The title suggested honesty and I am a big fan of that virtue. Your first book to me was “meh” but I really liked the second one, there is a link to this blog at the end of the second one. I am interested in you as a person and also your lifestyle in the wilderness. I envy you for having the freedom that you do. I am interested in your opinions. I hope you continue to write or blog or whatever strikes your fancy. Thank you for including others on your journey. Not much of a porn guy, I would buy one because I am curious and I have never heard of Hobo Stripper.

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