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Early Retirement for Sex Workers

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I don’t want to “graduate” from sex work into another job. I don’t want to put myself through school with stripping so that I can live in the “real world.” I tried that and it was stupid. I want to accumulate money and reduce expenses until working is optional and unnecessary. Which is how work should be. This is what I’ve been doing the last few years, and I am very happy about being able to pay all my bills with a couple phone sex calls or a couple hours of escorting a month, or just making a video and uploading it to the internet for people to buy. It makes me sad to see other sex workers working their asses off to support themselves and pay for school so that they can go work their asses off five days a week for the rest of their lives just to be able to afford the lifestyles they started when they were strippers. So, instead of telling everyone they’re doing it wrong, I’m writing this handy dandy guide to escaping never having to join the rat race.


Most of us will never make this much money or have this much freedom in any other job no matter how much school we go to. I have a vanilla job now working with people I adore and being all fulfilled and stuff, and I do it 4 days a month. It pays great, more than someone with a BA could normally expect, and you know how much that translates to? A month of 8 hour days would be equal to what I just made in six hours spread over three days of in person sex work. “Real” jobs are not an efficient way to make money, and no matter how fulfilling they are I’ve noticed that nothing is fulfilling when you add in schedules, overtime, and office politics.


I’m so glad you asked! I’ve been working on this for a while and I’ve got it all figured out:

First: Make Money

You’re already doing that, eh?

Second: Reduce Expenses

Think about it like this – you should be able to live on $500 or less per month, which is how much you might make at a part time fulfilling job or selling crafts on Etsy. $500 can be a lot of money if you don’t have bills, and since you have money now there are a lot of things you can do to set yourself up for a no bill lifestyle. My bills right now are $60/month, and my whole life costs less than $200/month if I don’t do anything extravagant.

Pay off your debt. Get rid of your mortgage (and never pay rent). I bought land and a cabin with no utilities far away from towns and rules where I can grow and hunt most of your own food. It took less than two years of working one weekend a month to pay it off and be bill free. But there are other ways to get rid of housing expenses, like travelling, work camping, woofing, networking, community building, and creative homelessness.

Now eliminate your other bills. Cancel your netflix and learn to entertain yourself. Cancel the gym membership and do body weight exercises. Cancel your fancy food box from the local farm and grow your own food. Get rid of your utilities.

If you have student loans, did you know about income based repayment? Apply and your bills will be adjusted to your income, and if you pay the adjusted bills for 25 years your student loans go poof, no matter how much is left on them! Check it out and do some math to see if it’s right for you.

Third: Invest in Your Outfit

A lot of eliminating expenses is making big purchases. Your outfit is everything you need to live for almost free. For example, I finally paid for a great new boat motor and now I don’t have to constantly buy/try to fix $500 motors. I invested a grand in a solar system and I’ve never had to run a generator. I got an amazing wood stove and now I only need a quarter of the wood I did before. These are big purchases that aren’t such a big deal now, but they will save me money and effort for the rest of my life.

Fourth: Create Passive Income

There are a lot of things you can do to create a quick and easy $500-2000/month.

1) The easiest (for me), is to make fetish videos to sell on the internet. Make a video, sell it forever. Make another video a month later and people who buy it will get some of your old videos too. Despite not making any videos for three or four months now, I made over $300 in totally passive video sales last month. Here, I made a website about how to do it, because I think we should all be able to retire and just make a video or two a month.

2) Of course there are longer, slower, less naked ways to make passive income on the internet. This guy knows a lot about that.

3) You could save up a lot of money and buy little cabins to rent out. This seems like a pretty good idea to me, but I guess it depends on the markets where you live.

4) Or you could save up a lot of money and invest in the stock market. This seems like the worst idea, since all the money could just go poof. I have done some reading about it and they say how much money you need to save is your yearly expenses x 30. So to live on $500/month you would have to save up $180,000. That seems like a lot of work. But not as much work as going to school for four years to get a degree to work at a real job and be bossed around for another 20 years.

Fifth: Congratulations, You’re Free to Enjoy Your Life!

9 comments to Early Retirement for Sex Workers

  • Lulu

    Great advice. After reading this I immediately stumbled across this digital magazine issue: http://www.mountainandpacific.com/wp-content/uploads/in-treehouses/your-money-your-life.pdf which talks about something similar. 🙂 Thought you might like to read.

  • story

    some really useful ideas here but as a person living off grid on land i own outright, i have to say that there are definitely some “hidden” costs that a lot of people don’t think about before they buy or commit to off-grid lifestyles. 1. property taxes (this number changes based on how much you purchased land for and/or if you upgrade the property) 2. home insurance (not required buy pretty useful if your house burns down) 3. and most importantly battery banks for a solar array. these super environmentally toxic things basically put the cost of off-grid electricity higher than solar arrays tied into the grid or straight city electricity when you figure it out on a per month basis. if you’re good to live by candlelight, though, you can definitely save some cashola.

  • Violet

    Holy shit, it’s Hobo Stripper! I used to read your blog way back when, and loved it.

    This is a funny post for me to run across. I’ve been mostly not doing adult-oriented stuff for about two years now. Not retired from it, just exploring other areas.

    You are spot-on with your recommendations for passive income and reducing bills. That’s been part of my system for quite awhile now.

  • I love this! It makes me excited & inspired to read about it. Though growing my own food and hunting sound like really really hard work to me, and I think I might rather do data entry than have to do that. Though I’m afraid I should be prepared to do that for when the oil runs out and stuff. I need to learn SOMETHING that will make me useful in a survival mode situation.

  • Muff

    Great tips. I stopped spending money on food completely by becoming a professional shoplifter earlier last year. Now I eat gourmet meals for free every day. The cost benefit analysis of getting caught at these corporate chains stores that I lift from is alright too. I’ve already eaten through thousands of dollars worth of food and toiletries, more than any fine or jail time would charge me. My home is also partially decorated and furnished with lifted goods. All in all it is a valuable skill to learn.

    • ecowhore

      Good food for thought, Mohamed. I guess maybe “passive” is a comparative thing. Like, the hour a month I spend emailing my loyal tribe of customers seems pretty passive to me.

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