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The making of ecoporn…

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I was inspired. First thing in the morning after feeding the fire I dragged the generator inside to thaw. It takes a while, because it’s been very frozen for a long time. After a couple hours I drug it out and tried starting it, but the pull start wouldn’t turn, so I drug it back in and put it close to the stove. A little later it started and I hooked it up to the batteries to start the slow trickily charging. This also takes a long time, and by the time it was done the sun was starting to look a little low. I wanted to make some hypnoporn and some ecoporn – hypnoporn in the cabin must be made at the very lightest time of day, while ecoporn can (I think) be made outside.

It took two tanks of generator gas to take the batteries up from 11.4 to 12.8, and then the camcorder was dead, so I plugged it in and then it was dark. What a waste of a day.

The next day I had to walk into the village to get the mail. I brought the camcorder and flashed it along the trail. In a month when it’s much warmer this will be much easier. After the mail I stopped to visit friends, but they weren’t home. I called them on their cell phone from their home phone and they were twenty minutes away and their kid wasn’t even around. “I can use your electricity?” I asked excitedly.

“Sure,” they said. They’re so nice. I’ve been doing this weird using of my friends places for work lately. The other week I took a shower at someone’s house, did my make up and put lingerie and a cute dress on under my dirty carharts, then told her I had to run and do an odd job.

Anyways, I whipped out my camcorder and the script I’d written for hypnoporn – good thing I’d worn my favorite push up bra! I positioned the camera down low looking up so that my boobs were in the foreground and my greasy hair and just-walked-two-hours face were hopefully not so noticeable in the background. When they pulled into their driveway I was just transferring it to my laptop. A couple hours later it was live on the internet and I even got one of those email “jim has just bought your file. You have received $14.” right away!*

So, it turns out hypnoporn is a lot easier to make than ecoporn. I’m gonna keep carrying the camera around with me, capturing beautiful moments, for a week or two, and then try to edit it all together in a beautiful way.

So, uh, keep staying tuned. 🙂

* Wanna read about how I make money on the internet with hypnoporns? I made a website! Seven days to sexy passive income.

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