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I'm a whore revolutionary and a wilderbabe. I'm pretty much in love with this little river I live on and myself and if you stick around you'll read (and see) all about it.

Whore Diaries, the Sequel to Hobo Stripper

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Guess what I did???????

Yep, I wrote a book. It’s short (30 computer pages, 80 kindle pages?) and it’s awesome.

I thought maybe you would like to hear about how I became an escort, traveled to another country, worked in a crazy collective slash agency, and indulged foot fetishists and tantric worshipers. It’s all in here, written in the thoughtful cinematic style that you already love.

For today and today only, it’s 99 cents. I wanted to make sure that all my long term subscribers could get a copy.

You can read it on your Kindle! If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read it on your iPhone or with Kindle for PC. Possibly someday it will be available in some other way, but for now I’ve sworn my book selling monogamy to Amazon.

Speaking of Amazon, if you like my book you can help it rise through the ranks in it’s category. It turns out Amazon is a lot like clips4sale – the more you buy, review, and tag, the more people just browsing will see my book. Here’s a whole post about the care of authors on Amazon, if you’re interested.

If you all like this, maybe I’ll do it again! Wanna get an email about the next book so you can take advantage of the 99 cent first day special? Sign up below.

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