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How Sex Work Didn’t Prepare Me For Corporate Schmoozing

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I reach for my boobs the way I always do when it’s time to close the sale or move the fuck on, but my sweater reminds me this isn’t a strip club.

“Mmmhmm,” I nod. Keep looking interested, self.

Behind him are hundreds of other men, all in black suits, and a few dozen women dressed up like Corporate Barbie for free. Usually guys like this have to pay $300/hr to talk to me. This will pay off later, I remind myself. Much, much later. Besides, even if it doesn’t I’m making a good connection.

I’d just really prefer to get the money up front or peace out.

3 comments to How Sex Work Didn’t Prepare Me For Corporate Schmoozing

  • Calvin R

    The inability to tolerate that kind of schmoozing is probably the reason my degree has done me no good.

  • Calvin R

    My degree is in Communication, and it’s a BS degree in more than one sense. From reading your blogs over the years, you’ll probably do more with that than I can. After all, it’s not so different from sex work in some ways. I have a couple of issues, one fairly exotic, that make it difficult for me to handle some of the BS in the business world.

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