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Oh hi, blog

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I made a resolution, about a month ago, that I would blog here at least once a week. You can see how well that’s worked out so far. What I’m going to do here is set the bar really low and just post something in the next fifteen minutes before they close this place and kick me out of their electricity, and then in the morning I’m going to go home where the internet and electricity are more cumbersome and limited.

Why did I decide to blog again? I discovered Ruth Fowler’s new blog, which I’m sure everyone else with regular Internet access found ages ago, but if you haven’t you should definitely go check it out. I read a bunch of Ruth’s beautiful true smart words and thought – fuck, why aren’t I doing this? I should try to do this.

Maybe you remember that I wrote a review of Ruth Fowler’s book, No Man’s Land, years ago and I was a critical asshole about it. Whoops. Sorry I was an asshole, Ruth.

Anyways, having been inspired by Ruth’s artful writing, I’m going to write… nothing like that. Sorry, blog. Maybe next time.

What’ve I been up to? I’m going to grad school! Like a grown up! Like a distance educated hermit grown up who lives out in the woods. It sounds great, right? Live in the woods and have an excuse to sit around reading, writing, and thinking all day plus guidance in my reading, writing, and thinking!

First I had to go to an orientation hundreds of miles away. They had the orientation right during that time where I can neither walk on water nor boat on water. It happens every year that I have to choose a side of the river to be stuck on while the ice softens and becomes rushing ice, then flowing water. Home, or the road system? It’s the most beautiful time to be at home.


This year the ice softened up early when there were two sixty above days in a row. I pulled my boat across the river, sinking deep into the soft ice with every step, and I moved into my town home. Then it got cold again and the ice didn’t go out for ages. Meanwhile, I lived in the back of my truck, visited friends, worked, and finally went to school for a month. I’m so ready to go home now!

You know how everyone always says that you have to read sooo much in grad school and you won’t get to read for fun at all? And, if you’re like me, you think to yourself that they probably don’t really read that much anyways, because you really actually enjoy spending hours a day reading? Well, they’re right. I’m reading four 3-500 page books in the next 5 weeks. Holy crap.

3 comments to Oh hi, blog

  • Mohamed Fawzi

    Salute to you….

    I been following for four years now … Your way of life is what I may
    be doing soon …. You have guts and honesty

  • Falbert

    Nice little video clip, there, and thanks for posting it. Looks a lot like the area that I live in ( northern Maine ) when the ice is going out on the rivers.

    There are some people here that are in your situation – they live out in the woods part of the year, and have an apartment or other housing arrangements for the rest of the year. The reasons vary, but often it’s because you just can’t travel, due to snow, ice, or mud. At least your cows haven’t escaped by walking across the ice when the riverside fence broke!

    Yeah, grad school is a whole ‘nother level of schooling. Remember that four years of undergrad college? Now it’s compressed into two. But you can get through it, it just takes a lot of concentrated work. Remembering that there is an end to it, is key to getting through.

    Still enjoying your posts, infrequent though they may be. Live the life you choose, not what others would choose for you.

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