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American Courtesans and Sex Worker Narratives

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The ivy league hooker, the smart dominatrix, the unlikely stripper… I’m so fucking tired of all these bitches who claim they aren’t like the rest of us.  Sex work has always been used by women to get from bad situations (economic or otherwise) into better situations. Sex workers are people who are willing to risk something (a bad reputation, a misdemeanor, a bad client, police harassment) to get something else – survival, security, freedom, or adventure. I think that should be the dominant narrative of sex work. (Of course I’m writing a book about that, but it won’t be ready for ages).

I was trying to explain this to someone the other day and they were like, “but people who work at McDonalds have bad things happen too! Sex work is just about money!”

“But people who work at McDonalds aren’t jumping up the class ladder or making enough money to change their circumstances,” I said.

I hope y’all understand what I mean: not that sex work is bad, but that sex work is especially awesome if you are wanting to change something bad in your life, whether that’s your socioeconomic status or a living situation you need money to get out of.

Now there’s finally a documentary that showcases women telling their real stories of sex work.

I remember when it was being made – Kristin DiAngelo had just been in Alaska, and I’d called her for some reason or another. Then a few weeks later we were both in Texas and she posted on a message board about this documentary she was making. American Courtesans. One of my clients emailed me that I should be in it, but if I’ve learned anything about business from sex work it’s to never let anyone else control your image. It sounded well intentioned, but you know how these things turn out.

It turned out great! I wish I had been in it and I’ll definitely be in the next one if they’ll have me. There is a good diversity of experience. It doesn’t shy away from the bad parts or polish up the good parts – it’s just reality. What IS emphasized is that we need sex work to be decriminalized and destigmatized for our safety.

Get it here:



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