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A Stripper’s Guide To The Modern American Boomtown

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Remember that little club I used to go to in the winter? The one with baby goats and shy lesbians who couldn’t go buck tucking without company? Where I once spent a short night with an oil executive who’d done so much coke his dick might never work again and then had him pay me in $1k worth of WalMart gift cards because it was the only sort of commerce available?

Susan’s written an article about it. It’s all exactly right. Except for the part where I always thought it was a sweet homey town and apparently she experienced it more like a torturous departure from civilization, but I guess you’ll have that.

Wildcatting: A Stripper’s Guide To The Modern American Boomtown

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  • Falbert

    That difference in perspective is something I’ve run into many times – the difference between urban and rural perspectives. If you grew up rural, most small towns seem like home. If you grow up urban, then most small towns are usually too small, creepy, and trigger thoughts of some of the bad parts of horror films. Having the oil boom out there just exacerbates the perceptions, I expect.

    When the oil people go, the town will slowly return to ‘normal’, but with a great deal of built-out infrastructure that will slowly crumble. I hope that Williston plays it smarter than most towns, and tears up the unused parking lots, sidewalks and such, quickly, rather than just letting it decay.

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