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How to become a little known author and live happily ever after on your book sales

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(A very belated post.)

In 2013 I sold 8,941 books.

How the fuck did that happen? There are similar, much better, and much longer books that are doing much worse on Amazon, so it’s a little confusing. I’m pretty sure the answer is you. See, inside Amazon there is a computer that decides how popular books are, and if it decides they are popular it puts them in front of people more often. You know, that whole, “people who bought this also bought” thing?

This is what I think happened: when I released my books and told you about them you went and bought them. You posted reviews, you shared on facebook, and you told your friends. Amazon’s computer was like, “holy shit people like these books!!!” Then for about eight months after the release of each book Amazon put it in front of everyone who bought any kind of related book. Because of you.

You can’t imagine how grateful I am. I lived and played in the woods. I took care of an elder in the wilderness. I travelled. I wrote. I did activism. Through all of that, I hardly ever had to stop what I was doing and go make money. Because of you.

I wanted to do something to express my gratitude. I was going to make you some special porn, or bake you some cookies, or maybe you wanted some plant medicine? You’re all so different, but then I realized you all like my writing. So I deduced that probably what you would like is for there to be more writing from people like me. I started to write a guide to self publishing, but then literally the next day Lis published a free one that said everything I was going to say. Now it looks like she’s integrated them into her site instead – scroll down and look to the right for all the articles about self publishing. I totally recommend Lis for book formatting too.

So, here it is: if you’re “like me” (whatever that means – you decide) or a long term follower, and you decide to self publish, first go read the articles I linked and all the articles she links to. Then email me. hobostripper at gmail. I’ll do whatever I can to help you.

Also, if you’re on my email list I won’t spam you, but I will express my appreciation by offering you a chance to get new books for free or super cheap when I release them. Sometimes I’ll tell you about other new books you’ll probably love. Maybe 2-6 emails a year. Sign up here:


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Oh, and if you like my writing you should probably read Sub Rosa.

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