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Some Great Books You Probably Want to Know About

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You know how eight months ago people started posting “Best Books of 2013” round ups?  Well, that’s how long I’ve been meaning to tell y’all about these books.

Sub Rosa, by Amber Dawn

This is the true story of the authors trip through a magical underground world of Glories.  Sub Rosa, she writes, “wants you.  It wants anyone, no matter how back-broken and bitter you are when you arrive.  It’s turned me into a true beauty, the kind that’s crafted, laboured over, a beauty that city folk endlessly fantasize about.”

When we first meet Little, the protagonist, she’s counting time until the latest man she’s been staying with kicks her out and trying to incite a bar brawl to secure her next place to stay.  When she arrives in Neverland, all that is erased: “The past is a burden Sub Rosa won’t bear.  It’s energy is spent on being Neverland.  A fairytale place with a steady rotation of happy endings.”

Amber Dawn describes the emotional manipulation, awe, and comfort that keep Little underground deftly and magically.  She also describes the magic of clients: “a Glory can turn these devils good again.  We get right inside them and pull out their deepest wants.  We become more than sex, we nurse their deepest insides, the parts that aren’t covered in city filth.”

To become a Glory and stay in Sub Rosa, Little must battle The Dark.  Throughout the story, The Dark becomes more and more prominent, until Little returns to it for one final battle.

You want to read this book if: you love good writing and/or you’re interested in the realities of underage prostitution and pimping.

How Poetry Saved My Life: A Hustler’s Memoir by Amber Dawn

How can you read one without the other?  This mix of poetry and prose is Amber Dawn’s real life memoir.  Some parts are descriptive, other parts introspective, and some parts read like a whore’s manual for navigating the world.  Just read it.

Lunatic Fringe and Hungry Ghost by Allison Moon

Lesbian werewolves!  Feminist theory!  Adventure!  All those weird or funny moments you’ve lived as a lesbian and never seen reflected in a werewolf adventure story before.  It all starts as Lexie, an innocent young lady, goes away to college and falls in with a pack of lesbians.

Lexie falls in love with a mysterious older woman who lives deep in the forest and works with her hands.  Meanwhile, the good wolves must fight the bad wolves to save the people: but are all male wolves bad?  The good wolves don’t fight for people, they fight with them!

You want to read these books.  Unless you don’t, in which case, you’re never going to love them like I do, so just leave them alone, okay?


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