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Roses and Skeeters

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I’ve been wanting to make actual porn, but the mosquitoes have been really intense this year and I don’t dare expose more than a hand or a foot. The other day I was doing something with my hands, so couldn’t brush them off, and racked up over forty mosquito bites on the back of one hand in just a minute. Luckily I’ve got some skeeter immunity built up, but it wouldn’t be pretty if I got naked.

Last week it got hotter, the water rose, and the mosquitoes died down to a bearable level – and then I left. Now I’m on a great multi-part adventure and who knows when I’ll be home? Well, in a month. But meanwhile, here are some pictures of this fleeting and beautiful time of year:

I live in a forest of roses, in the understory of a big forest of spruce and birch.

This beautiful thing only happens for a couple weeks every year, at the beginning of June. Soon enough there’ll be a big storm and the wind will blow all night and when I wake the rose petals will be scattered about the ground, and even the bluebells will have lost their petals.

There will be nothing but green and brown, mud and leaves, and the occasional white flowers for a while. And then! Suddenly the forest of roses will become a forest of cranberries and rosehips. Mostly cranberries. There will be red all about, and even juicy red bear shit all over the trails. The cranberries will stay and stay and stay. They might ferment slightly on the branches, but eventually they will freeze, and when I’m walking through the woods in the winter I will pop frozen berries into my mouth and they’ll become little bursts of sour red liquid.

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  • Lizzie

    Hey there ~ Glad yo know you’re well. It had been awhile since I read your blog (originally found you on VanDwellers site,) so I looked you up.

    Mariko is cool peeps. Stay healthy & safe, and as warm as you want to be.

    ~ Lizzie

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