Hi, I’m Tara…

I'm a whore revolutionary and a wilderbabe. I'm pretty much in love with this little river I live on and myself and if you stick around you'll read (and see) all about it.


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I’m not home, but I can imagine it. The geography has come to live inside me, a little.

My favorite place to watch the water fall and freeze this time of year is at the mouth of the muddy little river I live on. A few weeks ago it was wide and full, like this:

Just before I left the water dropped a little and that made the beavers think it would be good to build a dam there, in the mouth:

which made it wider than ever before.

Soon, probably now, the water will drop even more so that the boat barely fits through the narrow mouth and the water is only a couple inches deep:

(I don’t usually go tossing guns around the boat all willy nilly like that. In that picture I’d taken it off and put it down there while I walked through the water. Cause I’m responsible like that.)

Then the freezing starts:

Up close it’s pretty, like old embroidery and crocheted lace:

Then! The water drops even more and the ice that had formed breaks away:

This is also pretty, close up. Look at the patterns:

All this is happening without me this year because I’m far, far away in the hot and muggy south. Most moments are not so beautiful here, but there have been some good ones, which I only get to photograph the aftermaths of:

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